Nokogiri-Yama, Chiba


This areas provides nice nature walks as well as temples and a large Buddha statue (largest stone version in Japan of about 30 meters).  The area is on a hill (or mountain depending on definition) close to Kanaya on the Chiba peninsula.

Best time of the year to visit is the time when it is less than 25 degrees (Centigrade) as walking up and down can be quite cumbersome for many people.  If you are well used to trekking, it is quite ok even in warmer weather.

How to get there

Take a JR train to Hamakanaya  station (it is advised to buy an express ticket).  It is also possibly to go to Kurihama and take a ferry over to Kanaya.  From Kanaya  / Hamakanaya  station there are two options, either take the Rope way up to the top of the hill (mountain) and then start the journey from there.   Alternatively, pick up a map and walk all the way to the top through the forest.  This latter will take about 1 hour uphill. And when you are on the top, you have to go down on the other side to see all the sights, and then back up again.


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